Welcome to the Official Hamilton Wenham Senior Basketball League Website
The Hamilton Wenham Senior Basketball League offers fellowship and exercise for basketball players with more life experience.  

Our goals include:

  • Attract participants who respect the game, fellow players, the officials, and the facilities to maximize our collective fun (and minimize injuries!).
  • Put together teams with relatively equal talent to promote competitive games.
  • Provide a sport forum to better know and enjoy our fellow townspeople and participants from other communities to the extent we have capacity to do so.

2016-2017 Update - Games Start Thursday 9/29

The Team Rosters have been posted. The teams are substantially the same but with seven (7) new players. Just a couple of players have been moved to a new team. A number of regulars on injured reserve (or registering very late) have been placed on the Wait List. We will work Wait List players into the rosters where we think they fit when they can play – possibly with a different team. The Commishes are resolved to be stricter this year about removing players from the rosters and moving them to the Wait List when they miss three (3) consecutive games - whether by choice, conflicts or injury! This will better get available Wait List players into action and better ensure that lack of attendance will not be a continuing problem for any team.
You will see we have placed nine (9) players on every roster and again rostered seven (7) teams to maximize participation of folks who wish to participate. Captains are designated for each team with responsibilities to:

  • Assign and collect jerseys.
  • Ensure sufficient attendance at each game to avoid being short of players (use email!).
  • Make, or delegate to another teammate responsibility to make, in-game decisions.
  • Act as the team’s principal communication conduit with the Commishes.

Please let a Commish know if you have any concerns. Let the games begin!!!

Respectfully submitted, Commissioners Burridge, Connolly, Maddern, McKenzie and Ostrowski